A portion of revenue goes to a new charity each financial year.

Because there’s more important things in life than great fonts.

past donations have gone towards...

A little bit about these fantastic organisations.


Hutt Street Centre

This FY I’m looking forward to raising money for Hutt St Centre! A portion of every payment from clients will be donated to this fantastic cause. Hutt St Centre is an amazing NFP providing necessities to the homeless community and enriching their quality of life.

Hutt St Centre aims to end homelessness for every person who walks through their doors with care and without judgement. Each year Hutt St Centre serves up to 40,000 meals and offers social work and support services to nearly 2000 people.

Showers, laundry facilities, visiting health professionals, an aged city living program for older clients, recreational activities, training and employment programs, legal aid and assistance with finding housing are all services provided to up to 200 people challenged by homelessness each day.

Information & image source: www.huttstcentre.org.au


The Indigenous Literacy Foundation

In 2020/21FY, $8200 was donated to The Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

WHY? The Indigenous Literacy Foundation is a charity dedicated to improving the literacy skills of children in remote Indigenous communities so they can open doors to greater opportunities. Think about how many times you read something today, most likely without even noticing. In fact, you’re reading this right now! Many of us take this basic skill for granted, but in remote Indigenous communities, books are scarce and literacy levels are far lower than in non-remote locations.

According to NAPLAN (2018), only 36% of Indigenous Year 5 students living in remote areas were at or above the national minimum reading standards, compared to 96% of non-indigenous students in major cities. This is an huge gap and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation are doing fantastic things in an effort to close it.

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation gifts thousands of new culturally appropriate books to remote areas and also runs programs to inspire these communities to publish their own stories. The 2020/21 FY donation went towards providing books and literacy programs to remote communities where they are needed most.

Information source: www.indigenousliteracyfoundation.org.au


The Smith Family

At the end of the 2019/2020FY, $3565 was donated to The Smith Family.

WHY? I chose to donate to this charity due to it’s locality and their proven programs that support disadvantaged children and young Australians. While we are often aware of poverty in developing countries, sometimes it’s easy to miss the fact that we face some alarming statistics right here in Australia. 1 in 6 Australian children and young people grow up in poverty, which is hugely limiting to their experience at school and the years that follow.

I was very privileged to come from a family of two teachers for parents where education was always highly valued. I was always able to take advantage of opportunities that arose from my schooling and have the materials required to learn, but this is far from the reality for so many other students. This is why I’m so admirable of The Smith Family’s dedication to provide disadvantaged students with the same opportunities and materials that so many of us took for granted during our school years and wish to support their great cause.

The Smith Family highlights, “Education has the power to break the cycle of poverty.”


Bowel Cancer Australia

At the end of the 2018/2019FY, $3565 was donated to Bowel Cancer Australia, an incredible cause trying to combat and relieve suffering of a disease that has greatly affected not only my family, but the lives of many Australians.

WHY? This is a cause close to my heart as during this same year, my mum was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. Without the developments in Cancer Research, I don’t know if my mum would still be with us today so Bowel Cancer Australia was an excellent charity to donate to.

Bowel Cancer Australia is 100% community funded and relies solely on the generosity of individuals and companies to continue our life saving work.