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A Simple Guide to Getting a Custom Domain for Your Small Business

In this easy-to-follow guide, I'll show you how to claim your very own corner of the internet with a custom domain for your small business.

A Simple Guide to Getting a Custom Domain for Your Small Business

If you’re looking to give your business a professional touch and make it easier for customers to find you, getting a custom domain is the way to go. In this post, I’ll walk you through the process of getting your very own custom domain name.

Step 1: Choosing a Name That’s Right for You

Think of your custom domain as a unique digital fingerprint for your business. Make it special, just like your brand! Keep it simple and easy to remember. If your business name is available as a domain, that’s perfect! If not, don’t worry – try adding a keyword that represents what you do or where you’re located. Get creative, and let your personality shine through!

Step 2: Finding Your Domain Partner

Now that you have a domain name in mind, it’s time to find a registrar to make it official. My go-to domain registrars are GoDaddy or Google Domains. This is where you can purchase your domain name.

Step 3: Checking If Your Domain is Free

Fingers crossed! Use the domain registrar’s search bar to see if your dream domain is available. If it’s all yours, give yourself a high-five! If not, remember those variations we talked about? Now’s the time to try them out!

Step 4: Privacy is Your Best Friend (Optional)

While strolling through the domain process, you might be offered privacy protection. This keeps your personal info safe from snoops and spammers. Consider it, and if it feels right, go for it!

Step 5: Welcome Home! Making the Domain Yours

Ready to own your piece of the internet? Just follow the simple steps on the registrar’s website, and voilà! You’re the proud owner of a custom domain.

Step 6: Moving In: Linking Your Domain to Your Website

You’ve got your domain; now it’s time to bring it to life! If you have a website already, don’t worry – it’s easy to connect the dots. Your website provider will have a warm welcome for your domain, guiding you through the setup.


Ta-da! Now your customers will easily find you, and your brand will shine brighter than ever. Embrace your new online home, and get ready for exciting new possibilities on the web.

Written by Emma Hackett Design

Emma is a freelance graphic & web designer, based in South Australia. Emma began freelancing in 2015 and has since had the pleasure of creating or enhancing visual communications for many new and existing businesses.


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